Franchise Marketing Funds

Tools, tips tricks & benchmarks for running successful Franchise Marketing Funds

How do your Franchise Marketing Fund Practices stack up against the recommendations from the investigation into fairness in franchising?

Abuse of franchise marketing funds was cited in over 30% of confidential submissions in the investigation into fairness in franchising.

The biggest culprits were:

  • inequality of contributions
  • misuse of funds
  • poor budget management
  • inadequate & tardy reporting.

Read more about the Royal Commission’s findings, the likely changes which will become required by law and where the process is up to.

Too many loop holes & inconsistencies exist in the Franchising Code

However, we should all be doing ‘the right thing’! What is that? Simple stuff like

  • collecting funds properly
  • carefully tracking collections & expenditure
  • aligning behind marketing goals
  • fairly allocating the spend
  • honestly sharing progress

We can help & advise on all of these. Check how well you are going below or get in touch & see how we can help.

Inspire Franchisee confidence in your transparency & equitable marketing plans.

Franchise Marketing Fund Flight Check

Helping you align for take-off & growth


With your permission, we talk to key members of your team & franchisee network to learn about your Franchise Marketing Fund in terms of:

  • Expectation, perception & satisfaction
  • Financial process, controls & reporting
  • Marketing Planning & decision process
  • Accountability & reporting
  • Communication

We’ll help you shape the agenda for your next Marketing Fund Meeting , assist in the meeting & follow up with feedback.

We work under strict confidentiality agreements, retaining only scores & classifications for our industry bench-marking.

Please note that this is intended to give advice on best practice & does not indemnify you from any malpractice. BrandCents Consultancy are not liable for actions taken by your business.


Using mixed method research & our Franchise Marketing Management experience, we we create a scorecard & detailed coaching report to share with you:

Franchise Marketing Benchmark Report


Introductory trial price!

This is a unique and practical service which will add transparency, trust and value to your Franchise Marketing Fund relationships and practices.


System Benchmarking
Process Audit
Meeting Preparation & Assistance
Report Preparation
Debrief & Goal Setting
Excludes gst, travel & accommodation if required