Introducing Brand Customer Experience (BCX)

Brand Customer Experience (BCX) is what customers expect from you versus what they actually get.

Omni-channel is nothing new!
It hit us over 20 years ago when pizza delivery customers identified themselves as “having visited in the last….” Ordered through call centre, delivered by driver AND expectation of the same value, friendly prompt service, anticipation & belly-full-satisfaction. The channel was merely what suited them best, that time.

Is your NPS static?


Is your growth based on discounting?

Why is it important?

Because shoveling extra reach towards a digital sales funnel, will not drive sustainable growth.

What do they expect?

Brand insights show perceived strengths that we should promote to attract, as well as where we fall short of the competition. Its a great starting point AND an important benchmark to come back to.

Are you consistent?

Every touch-point – conversation, ad, ticket, email, packaging item – should contribute to happy & pleased customers. Is it true for your brand?

Careful follow up shows us reality – where we are under & over delivering, where to make changes to the business or customer journey touch points & unearths golden opportunities & advocates.

  • Insights for bench-marking, decisions & improvements
  • Expert audit of customer journey & inventory
    How can we help you?

Whose name should be on the bag that comes through the door?

Brand Customer Experience Audits

Is your brand delivering a consistent experience across all channels?
Identify: Strengths to win new customers | Opportunities to improve NPS | Deliver your brand difference.


Does your digital journey deliver on your brand?

  • Brand Brief - Provided by you
  • Customer Journey Inventory Check
  • UX Consistency Check
  • Customer Experience Check
  • Delivery Experience Check
  • Report


Do all your channels deliver consistently on your brand?

  • Brand Brief - Provided by you
  • Customer Journey Inventory Check
  • UX Consistency Check
  • Customer Experience Check
  • Delivery Experience Check
  • Live 'In-Store' Experience Check
  • Report

About Our Audits

How we measure?

Our audits are conducted by marketing experts and we assess the brand experience for your customers (BCX). This is not a user experience (UX) test but we will tell you about any bugs and struggles we come across. If you have a niche target market, the audit will be assisted by a consumer of the closest fit we can find to gain best insights.

Additional Costs

If your product or experience is non-returnable, please supply a free product voucher or or a deposit to cover the costs.  If an in-store visit or face-to-face debrief is required, we ask for reasonable costs to cover travel (& accommodation).

How does the report arrive?

We email you a link to a pdf report for your audit, or we can arrange a face to face debrief.

What we report on

We give you recommendations for improving your Brand Customer Experience (BCX) and insights so you can improve communication, targeting, image, language & tone of voice.

We also provide scores so that you can improve each section; an overall BCX Score for brand congruence & section scores with screen-shots & commentary.

The scores cover the following areas:

  • Customer Journey Inventory: brand congruence & consistency
  • User Experience: brand trust & friction
  • Delivery: brand expectation
  • Communication & Service: brand congruence & consistency

Omnichannel Audits measure the same elements for both physical & digital channels, they also contain a “phy-gital” congruence score.

BCX Audit Booking Form